Our Impact &

Annual Report

Our Impact

*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the structure and data reporting of our 2020 programming had to be altered*




384 Students served from Denver and Englewood Public Schools:

184 Middle School Students

200 High School Students 

90% Qualified for free or reduced lunch 

94% Students of Color 

79% Will be the first generation in their family to continue on to higher education

30 Accepted Teaching Fellow Positions
*Only 9 Teaching Fellows retained  due to COVID-19*

75% Pursuing Careers in Education 

44% Returning Teachers 

33% Breakthrough Student Alumni 

62% Identified as People of Color

147  Year-Round Volunteers 

88 Summer & School Year Volunteers 

20 Anschutz Medical School Mentors 

16 Student Board Members 

23 Advisory Board Members 

In 2020, 100% Breakthrough seniors graduated high school

In 2020, 100% Breakthrough graduates are pursuing a college degree
*12% of students have deferred enrollment because of COVID-19 to Spring or Fall 2021*

In 2020, 75% Graduating Teaching Fellows are pursuing careers in education

2019 – 2020 impact stats

2019 – 2020 Annual Report

Hear from our alumni Teaching Fellows about how their Breakthrough experience impacted their careers in education.

“At the time I applied to Breakthrough, I had just arrived as a newcomer to America. I decided to apply because I wanted to learn a little more english and I also thought otherwise my summer would be boring. As I continued to be involved I realized that Breakthrough was more than just a summer program, It’s a place where I can be myself and not be judged for who I am. I love the larger group community, all the friendships I have built and the college bound program is really effective in continuing my success”


​10th Grade