Meet Our Teachers

Trey Minter 

2020 Teaching Fellow 

“I have always had a love for teaching, coaching and mentoring students. I am minoring in education for my undergraduate degree and Breakthrough seemed like a really cool educational program to get involved with, especially one centered around providing equity to students. Breakthrough to me means family. We are a big community with open arms willing and wanting to have fun, interact and really enjoy learning together. I know that this experience has just furthered my passion for pursuing something related to education in the future.”

Randy Contreras-Rodriguez

BKD Student Alumni, 2019 Volunteer & 2020 Teaching Fellow 

“I love Breakthrough because each year is different from the year before. Each year you get to experience new things, create lasting memories, meet so many awesome people, and cultivate a new community culture. The community that is built at Breakthrough is so unique that it allows you to love and embrace yourself, while encouraging and supporting others on that common path to college. It’s a community that allows you to be empowered, give back and pay forward opportunities that were graciously given to you. You are able to invest that same love and energy into the students and staff which feels amazing.”

Janet McDermott 

Volunteer, 2019 & 2020 Teaching Fellow

“Breakthrough is a community of support and love where I know I will always be accepted for who I am. I know that I will always have this community to count on through whatever challenges come my way. The students are all so inspiring and the dedication of the full time team is so admirable. I applied to be a volunteer once I got to high school and I loved it! I eventually worked up the confidence to apply to be a Teaching Fellow. Being a Teaching Fellow has been my favorite role with Breakthrough so far because you get to spend more time and form really solid relationships with students. The students’ dedication pushes me to be the best teacher and volunteer that I can be for them. It is a place that has become such an important part of my life and I can’t picture my life without it.”

Kyle Paradis 

Volunteer, 2018 & 2019 Teaching Fellow 

“I’d never taught a class before my first summer with Breakthrough, so the first two weeks of our training was crucial to my growth. Before the students arrive, we have four teaching practice lessons, which simulate a class and then we get feedback from our peers and from our Master Teachers. I felt so much more confident going into the classroom with oukids, I don‘t know what I would have done without our training weeks. As a returner in my second summer, I was able to focus on my lessons and also connect with my students in an intentional and profound way. The best way I can describe this program is that everyone is here to grow. From students to teachers, we’re working every day to improve who we are and Breakthrough provides us the space to do that.”

Israa Hussein 

BKD Student Alumni, 2017 & 2019 Teaching Fellow

“I remember struggling in math every year as a middle school student.  But once I returned to school after my first summer as a Breakthrough student, the teacher was going over brand new material that we hadn’t learned yet.  I remember raising my hand and giving an answer to a problem that hadn’t even been taught yet.  The feeling of seeing the surprised look on the teacher’s face and having other students turn around to look at me with respect and admiration was incredible.  It was the first time I realized the true power of education. More than anything, that’s what Breakthrough has given me as a student and a teacher.”