Meet Our Students

Alex H.

1st Year BKD Student 

I applied for Breakthrough because I saw that it was a very fun oppurtunity and also that it could help me to get to college and achieve my dreams. As I started to participate in Breakthrough this summer I realized that Breakthrough means having a community of people that are committed and dedicated to providing us that push that we need to succeed.”

Anthony M.

2nd Year BKD Student 

“What made me apply for Breakthrough was the ability to continue to work to get ahead and be more prepared for the following year. One thing I now really love about being a part of Breakthrough is the teachers and full community. All of the teachers are very loving and caring and as a student they make me feel valued and supported.”

Nashi M.

3rd Year BKD Student 

“Breakthrough is different because it’s not like typical school, classes are fun and it pushes us outside of our comfort zone by introducing us to things we’re not used to. For example, this summer every student was expected to get up in front of the community at some point either to present or perform something.  Even though it can be scary, getting out of your comfort zone is something you have to do in order to grow.  If I were to tell one thing to anyone who hasn’t been to Breakthrough it would be that you have to come experience it for yourself!”

Agnes N. 

3rd Year BKD Student 

“Every time I learn something new, it can be hard to process the information.  So, having Breakthrough teachers who are excited to teach and who want to communicate and connect with us is what makes learning fun.  This community is so welcoming that everyone can be themselves without judging one another, so not only are we working on getting ahead in school, but at Breakthrough, we also learn how to create an amazing community.”

Amadou N.

4th Year BKD Student 

“At the time I applied to Breakthrough, I had just arrived as a newcomer to America. I decided to apply because I wanted to learn a little more english and I also thought otherwise my summer would be boring. As I continued to be involved I realized that Breakthrough was more than just a summer program, It’s a place where I can be myself and not be judged for who I am. I love the larger group community, all the friendships I have built and the college bound program is really effective in continuing my success”

Darlene N. 

4th Year BKD Student 

“I applied for Breakthrough because I heard that it was an amazing program that really helps during the summer if you are struggling in school. Now being in the program for four years, one of the many things I love is how dedicated the community is to show up for each other. I know Breakthrough is not only helping me to get ahead, but it will allow me the opportunity in the future to give back and help other students just like me to be successful.”