High School Students

Hey BKD High Schoolers!

Welcome to the High School and College Bound Program site! Did you know that the college bound process starts in middle school? Students who develop effective study skills and time management strategies between 6th and 8th grade enter high school more prepared to excel. However, high school is what really matters to colleges—they take into account students’ grades, test scores, course loads, extracurricular activities, volunteer and job experiences, and awards from all four years of high school. In other words, high school MATTERS!

Please use this basic guide to see what you should be doing each year of high school in order to prepare for college. Remember, this is not an exhaustive list, so you should work with your high school counselor and the Breakthrough College Bound Coordinator to develop a college bound plan that meets your needs and ensures that you will be able to graduate high school and matriculate to college.

*Though Breakthrough is a college prep program, we understand that circumstances and interests change. The College Bound Coordinator is happy to work with students interested in exploring other, non-college post-graduation options (like the military or a specific trade)*

Click the button below that corresponds with your current grade to access your college preparation checklist for the year.

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