Volunteer for breakthrough

Student volunteer opportunities

The application to volunteer for Summer 2021 is now available! For those of you who are unfamiliar, here is a link to a video with past volunteers sharing their experiences.
This Summer, there are three options for getting involved. Based on a shift in our programming we have limited options for current freshmen. Please read ALL of the details for each option before applying.
#1 Classroom and Community Volunteers
Description: Classroom and Community volunteers will assist the Breakthrough community with daily operations, organize supplies, create posters, assist teachers in the classrooms and support the overall Breakthrough community spirit.
Grades Eligible: Current 10th, 11th & 12th graders
Dates (Mon-Fri): June 21 – July 9th or July 12th – July 29th
When applying, select the session that you can FULLY commit to. If both work, select both, and you will be assigned to one.
Daily Timeframe: 8am-2pm
How to Apply: Follow this link to our application and submit it by Monday, April 5th. You will be notified of your application status on April 13th. 

#2 Designing and Teaching a Summer Elective 

Description: This is an opportunity for high school students who want to share some of their specialized interests with younger Breakthrough students. You will have the opportunity to design, teach and lead your own elective class. Though not required, we strongly suggest you submit a proposal with another classmate, no more than 3 students total. The full electives overview is attached as well as the proposal form.

Grades Eligible: Current 10th, 11th & 12th graders

Dates(Mon-Thu): June 21-July 8th or July 12th – July 27th

When applying, select the session that you can FULLY commit to. If both work, select both, and you will be assigned to one.

Daily Timeframe: 1:15pm-3:00pm

How to Apply: Follow this link to review the Electives Overview and Proposal form. Email your proposal to Ms. Brewer / Brooke at bbrewer@kentdenver.org by April 5th. If you have an idea that you are really excited about, but the details in the proposal are getting in the way, please reach out for support!

#3 Pre-Summer Preparation

Description: This is designed for current 9th graders who want to get involved or Upperclassmen who can not make the other Summer commitments. You will be helping Breakthrough sort through supplies, design posters, and create other visual aspects of our community culture.

 Grades Eligible: Current 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th graders

 Dates: TBD during the second half of May. Flexible timeframes.

 How to Apply: Complete this short interest form, by April 5th! You will receive an email in May with the different needs and have the chance to opt into assisting.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Ms. Brewer/ Brooke, bbrewer@kentdenver.org  with any questions or concerns! We hope to see many returning and new faces this summer!