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Our Impact




173 Denver Public and Englewood Middle School Students

180 High School students

96% Qualified for free or reduced lunch 

93% Students of Color 

73% Will be the first generation in their family to continue on to higher education

30 Accepted Teaching Fellow Positions

83% Pursuing Careers in Education 

10% Returning Teachers 

26% Breakthrough Student Alumni 

73% Identified as People of Color

198  Total Volunteers 

87 Summer & School Year Volunteers 

43 Career Day Professionals 

15 Student Board Members 

28 Advisory Board Members 

In 2021, 95% Breakthrough seniors graduated high school

In 2021, 88% Breakthrough graduates are pursuing a college degree

In 2021, 83% Graduating Teaching Fellows are pursuing careers in education

2021 – 2022 impact stats

Hear from our alumni Teaching Fellows about how their Breakthrough experience impacted their careers in education.

Breakthrough cultivates leadership by throwing us out there and you bring your talent. It can be wow, but it’s a good wow. Cause you are actually seeing ‘okay this is what I have’ and I am going somewhere with my leadership skills. Breakthrough helped me see that I can lead or engage a crowd. Students don’t always have the resources that they need and Breakthrough really shows them that you can be something other than what your current circumstance is. You can reach that goal and you are smarter than what people think you aren’t. Breakthrough pushes them to go that extra mile or extra route.

Chaunell Thomas

​Graduate, Prairie View A&M University

Breakthrough Teaching Fellow 2022